June 8

The TRUTH – Tried and Tested Foundations


So, how many foundations have you tried and tested? I have had my fair share of spending thousands on the wrong foundation.

After reading so many reviews, watched videos felt like a waste of my time and money cause most of them ended up disappointing me anyway.

There for I thought I would share my expertise and results I had. Let me share with you a bit of my background I graduated my Beauty Therapy in 2001 many moons ago, these days they call it Somatology or something like that.

As long as you know your skin type, that’s a start make sure you get your skin analysed by a professional beauty therapist, using the wrong foundation type can be one of your problems.

Whats the correct foundation for your skin type

To find the correct one for your skin type is important for normal skin you should try the cream to powder foundation, mouse can also work for you.

Dry skin should dry cream, mouse foundations it give you better moisture during the day I would not suggest powder as it might leave your skin flaky.

Combination to Oily skin types would find liquid foundation is better lasting with shine control.

I have a combination skin (T-Zone slight oiliness and dry cheeks area).

I have tried from the local drugstore foundation, to salon products foundation to professional make up.

What I look for in a foundation may differ from what you look for. I have a very tight schedule to time is a big factor.

Are you Olive, Warm or Cool ?

The other thing to take in consideration is of coarse your undertone, it might be yellow, pink or neutral.

There is tools to help you identity that as well if your not sure find out otherwise that can be the reason for your “mask” look.

There for time is of the essence the perfect foundation I prefer is long lasting, stay fast and full coverage.

From my personal experience I found the best one to be Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin but keep in mind if you use this one too long, it will give you blackheads or breakouts unfortunately.

I buy this one if its emergency and I can not afford my regular fav! Revlon Colorstay Makeup I would say its medium coverage to full just takes a few minutes to dry I use the hairdryer to dry it quicker.

This is long lasting and has an sunscreen of spf 15 as well best to set with a powder on the oily areas to set make up.

And there is a variety of shades 35 so I’m sure you will find your colour.

How many of you tried the Maybeline Matt Mouse, apparently medium to full coverage, light feel and long lasting and controls shine.

This one has a great rating as well its 4.3 out of 5 not bad. For me personally it did not last as long than other ones I have tried. Its an 18 gram pot and little goes a long way and its half the price of other drugstore foundations.

Another Favourite during spring or summer, is Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ SPF15 this foundation has the nicest smell, and feel to it, its almost like a light mouse and fills all gaps or wholes on your skin its long lasting yes and leaves your skin looking so smooth.

I had so many compliments when wearing this foundation. I just found that in winter I have a problem with running nose so, each time I wipe my nose make up comes off then my rosy nose shines funny but true.

The price is a bit steep as well but depends what you can afford. Keep in mind it does give med to full coverage and feels extremely light, so if you dont need much make up – Then this one is for you most definite!

Then I also tried Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick colour was perfect match loved the colour, but was a little bit disappointing it didn’t last as long as the reviews said.

Its thick cream texture perhaps better for a drier skin type the combination. Still a great product, and colour variety excellent.

I should try it again in winter to see if it holds up to its great reviews.

For dryer skins you would love this one, blends nicely with foundation brush.

Finally I go THE one, or shall I say two…

Very impressed with myself it took me forever to get to this one. Imagine this, apply once a day, liquid formula, full coverage, little goes a long way in a glass bottle and pump available finally this is now the go to best foundation. Estee Lauder Double Wear they have a variety colours too.

I love this foundation, I can rub my nose it doesnt wipe off it really stays in place all day and no need for powder.

One day when I could not find my shade at the one store I tried their Maximum cover double wear as well and love this one too, their lightest colour is my summer colour, this one can stretch far its in a tube and last double the months then the normal double wear.

These two is truly the runners up and my favorite! The price is steep but I dont mind paying for quality. How do you feel?

I must mention, dont wear this one in the evening and take pictures…

You will find the ghost in you, the foundation has light reflectors in that protects your skin in the sun, but definitely not a foundation to wear a night out, you can mix it with another and that helps!

So, after your have read my post I would love to hear from you which ones you have tried and tested so I can try them too!



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